Find your Flavor!

by Patrick Esposito



-Baja Blast: Citrus punch, blueberry wild and jackfruit

-Big Melons: Watermelon, strawberry, honeydew, jackfruit, cantaloupe and lemon

(NEW)-Bikini Bottom: pineapple and tropical mixed fruit with a hint of coconut

(NEW) -Black Dragon: blueberry, blackberry, watermelon and dragon fruit

-BlackJack: Jackfruit, blueberry and blackberry

-Blow Pop Blue: Acai, blueberry, strawberry and raspberry

(NEW)-Blue Goose: Blueberries, citrus punch and a touch of honeysuckle

-Chaos: Watermelon candy, cantaloupe, papaya and strawberry 

-Coyote Blood: Strawberry, watermelon and coconut

-Fruit Smoothie: Orange cream, banana and strawberry

-Fruity Flakes: Fruity pebbles cereal

-Honey Dew Me: Pear, strawberry, honeydew and apricot

-Juicy Cooter: Fruity and tropical

-Lava Flow: Pineapple juice and strawberry kiss combined

-Monsoon Dreams: Acai, watermelon, pomegranate, strawberry and kiwi 

-Paradise: Papaya, jackfruit, blackberry and Fuji apple

-PMS: Peach, mango and strawberry

-Preacher: Peach, juicy peach, white peach and raspberry

-Purple Haze: Grape juice, watermelon and citrus punch

(NEW)-Rotten Candy: Grape soda, sweet tarts and a touch of red vines

-Scooter Juice: Acai, watermelon, jolly rancher, strawberry and kiwi

-Sin City: Apple, watermelon and jolly rancher

-Strawberry Kiss: Strawberry, strawberry ripe and sweet cream

-Summer Peach: Fuji Apple, white peach, and nectarine

-Sweet Nerds: Nerds and sweet tarts

-Unicorn Blood: Rainbow drops and Hawaiian punch

-Vixen: Pomegranate, strawberry, Philippine mango and yellow peach

-WildCat: Watermelon, dragon fruit, kiwi and pomegranate

-Yankee: Watermelon, strawberry, kiwi and white peach



-Apple Fritter: Cinnamon roll, apple and caramel

-McLovin’ Cream: Bavarian cream, crunch berry, cupcake and banana nut bread

-Mother’s Milk: Custard, cake, strawberry cream, vanilla, Bavarian cream

(NEW)- Mom & Pop: a blueberry custard blend

(NEW)-Raspberry Cheesecake: your favorite cheesecake topped with raspberries 

-Red Sox: Bavarian cream, yellow cake, cheesecake, vanilla ice cream and vanilla custard

-Straw Nana Shake: Banana cream, strawberry, vanilla bean and malted milk



(NEW)-CoyoteDix: strawberry, watermelon, coconut and menthol

(NEW)-Dixie: Watermelon, dragon fruit, kiwi, pomegranate and menthol

(NEW)-Polar Vortex: our most extreme icy menthol

(NEW)-Purple Dank: Grape Juice, watermelon, citrus punch and menthol

(NEW)-Unicorn Dix: a combo of Unicorn Blood and Dixie



(NEW)-7 Leaves: the “standard” tobacco

(NEW)-Backwoods: minty tobacco

(NEW)-Captain Black: vanilla tobacco

(NEW)-Cuban: a supreme Cuban cigar

(NEW)-Desert Ship: Turkish tobacco

(NEW)-Perique Black: peppery sweet tobacco